Interview with Rahul Kaushik

Aditya Mhaske S.Y. CSE Pushkar Kulkarni S.Y. CSE

Rahul Kaushik is a bestselling author with

multiple books in the market. He is loved for his

Instagram page, “The Melting Words”. Team

Drishti caught a chance to meet and interview

him while he was on the campus for


Q. Sir, you’ve had a job for 9 years and you’ve

been traveling a lot too these past years, so

from your busy and hectic schedule how did

you make time for writing, for following your

dream and passion?

Rahul Kaushik - You have to make time. Time

passes too fast, 24 hours in a day passes inthe blink of an eye. But when you are desperate

for something, you have to give it your all. When

you want to do something, do it with conviction.

Time has a beauty of passing by, you just have

to go parallel with time to achieve your dreams.

Just go with the flow. It is as simple as that.

Q. But sir when you do the same work

continuously for days and days, you get

frustrated and no output comes from it, the

same goes for writing, you just get fed up of all

the things that you do daily, including writing.

How to tackle that?

Rahul Kaushik - Yes, Now there is that. Butwriting isn’t a job right. Let’s say there is this

beautiful girl and she asks you out on coffee or

dinner after a tiring day that you had.

Now if you like her, why wouldn’t you go on a

date with her. You’ll, of course, go out with her.

That is similar to writing, Now if writing is your

Mehbooba (love interest) then you’ll follow her,

if she’s your friend, you’ll stay with her and if

she is a stranger, you won’t even listen to her.

Think of writing as a source of meditation, don’t

do it as a job. Do it as your passion. That’s that.

Q. Sir, next I want to ask you that when you first

started writing, you wrote in the Hindi language

and later you switched to the English language.

And I know most of our readers are curious to

know when you’ll continue writing in Hindi?

Rahul Kaushik - I still write in Hindi. I just don’t

write it for everyone else, I only write it for myself.

I write it for fun, nothing serious. Hindi is and

will always be my first love. Well, you’ll all be

happy to know that now I am in the process of

making youtube videos in Hindi.

Q. Yes, Sir. I’d like to know more about these

youtube videos. You mentioned you’ll be doing

stand-up comedy in them. So what would you

like to say about that?

Rahul Kaushik - yes, I am in the process of

making stand-up comedy videos on youtube,

they are coming out good and they’ll be releasing

soon. So just wait for the videos, and do watch

it, everyone. Hopefully, it will be as successful

as the Instagram page is.

Q. You’re also planning on releasing a novel

soon. Any comments on that?

Rahul Kaushik - Yes, there is a novel coming

out. It will be launched in 3-4 months, I guess.

And Sorry that’s the most I can share with you

right now.

Q. It’s okay Sir. And lastly, I’d like to ask that

as most of our college students are single, anymessage for them?

Rahul Kaushik - Stay Single (Laughs). No, I’m

just kidding. I would like to say, do whatever you

want to do, stay single, flirt, or get into a serious

relationship or a casual relationship. Do

anything you want, just do it honestly, don’t

trouble anybody, don’t ruin someone’s life, don’t

lie and most importantly don’t lose your identity

in a relationship, don’t make your life about that

person or that relationship. Just remember

these two things, don’t trouble any other person

and don’t trouble yourself too.

Sir, that was all. Thank you so much for this

interview and for your valuable time.

- No, thanks to you. I enjoyed talking to you guys.

I had a lovely experience.