Shubham Heda T.Y. Production

Strangers they were

Weaving their dreams;

Little did they know,

The voices of their unheard screams!

A long confused stare

Was all to their first introduction;

In that puzzled State of mind

They couldn’t start a conversation

They both started to feel

That unusual sense of familiarity;

Curious to know each other

With a little more clarity!

His mind full of thoughts

His heart filled with fear

Quietly she accepted every word

Telling him, “Shed no tear”!

He said, “I’m here,

listening to your never-ending stories,

Once you spell it out,

There mustn’t reside any worries”!

Teasing, understanding and caring

They developed their comfort-zone

A bond so unique

Got the attention of everyone!

They giggled at people’s gossips

And the ‘made-up love-story tale’;

For they knew this bond was

Far beyond a love-thing to fail!

In a world where everyone seeks love

To fix their broken ends;

They found heaven,


@ words say it all