Hey, stalker!

Rushikesh Madde TY CSE

10:34 pm and my phone showed a new notification

When I was busy editing my project presentation

Thought it must be some stupid offer message from my service provider

But when I checked my phone, I instantly went all bonkers

You confirmed the follow request that I sent to you

And one of my silliest wishes just came true

I was relieved as all of my efforts bore me fruit

And I was stupid enough to already imagine myself in my wedding suit

It began with finding out your name that I wanted to know

But you don’t know till what extent for that I had to go

I asked my friends and acquaintances if they knew who you are

No one seemed to know as they were busy watching their own ‘stars’

Didn’t have enough courage to ask you in person

Felt so awkward to initiate some meaningless conversation

For a thousand times, you must had passed me by

And not for a single time, I could say even “Hi!”

At times, I tried to stick close around your group of friends

Hoping I would overhear them calling out your name

But it was difficult, as the distance between us was hard to keep

As I didn’t want to give you an impression that I am some creep

Followed you to the library one day; checked your entry in the entry book

And I must admit, your handwriting is not as beautiful as your looks

But who cares? The purpose of going there had been finally fulfilled

As I got to know your name after having plenty of my time killed

For which, honestly, I don’t have any regret

Because time enjoyed wasting is not wasted

Later in the evening, I typed your name in the ‘search’ bar

And I found 22 accounts with your name on Instagram so far

It wasn’t difficult to track yours down luckily

Your beautiful selfie as your profile picture made it easy for me

But damn, not so easy; yours was a private account

It’s quite obvious and quite natural, so it didn’t astound

I instantly hit that goddamn blue colored ‘follow’ button

And I hoped and waited for you to accept it and send me one in return

That night was something special, silly and magical

You willing to follow me back once seemed to be impossible

Now that you accepted my request, it made me your ‘official follower’

But my jaw dropped down when you DMed me, “Hey, stalker! :)”