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Dr. Nityendra Oke is currently working as

faculty for physics and mathematics at SAFE

HANDS in Akola. He is a Ph.D. from Syracuse

University and he has a contribution to

Ashtekar’s Variable for Grand Unification Theory.

He was a NASA educator for 11 years. He is

the State coordinator of the National Children

Science Congress. Mr. Oke delivered a lecture

in SGGSIE&T on Origin of God Particle. Team

Drishti got a chance to take a quick interview

and get to know his views on different topics.

Q : The Indian institutions have a classroom

time of approximately 6 hours, but this picture

is not seen in foreign universities. How do you

see this?

Nityendraji : I consider that there shall be

no classroom sessions at all. In the

undergraduate or postgraduate courses, the

student shall meet the instructor/faculty in office

hours to solve his/her doubts. The classroom

programs are a direct spoon-feeding and thus

they stunt the growth of creativity of the

students. The bigger institutions provoke the

students to study on their own by this and this

works for the greater good of the students only!

Q : In India, what do you think makes IITs,

NITs, and other Govt. funded technical

institutions different?

Nityendraji : Well, there are many factors

but one of the most important is ‘Strong Alumni

Network’. The alumni contribute to the college’s

betterment by giving funds, creating programs

that give student internships and job

opportunities. It is seen in all the good institutions

that they have a strong alumni interaction.

Q : Sir, any message for the youth of India?

Nityendraji : Keep working hard and enjoy

the education the way it is meant to be enjoyed.

Don’t overpressure yourself.

Drishti : Thank You, Sir, for this opportunity

to let us know your views, it was great time for

us meeting you!