Deepika Kurhade S.Y., ExTC

Sometimes a feeling arises from the

deep alley’s of one’s heart, which makes him

scratch off the hair on his head. It persuades

him until he breaks down to it. That feeling is

nothing but the realization of being alone, of

being not understood and of being not heard.

Humans are social beings, solitude is not

their permanent trait. One’s own company for

more than the required period kicks him in the

dark wells of negative self-talk because

pessimism is dominant over-optimism.

One it’s not to ignore the need to be in a

relationship (a good relationship) with people

around. An intimate partner must not be the

only thing that one should open up to.

Here is the deal, “A great friend to stand

by you, a strong sister to back you up or a

good company of friends keeps your horses

running in the race finely! “