Divyani Bhagat S.Y. Mech

Perspective is a Latin word meaning ‘look

through’ or perceive. Simply saying it’s the way

you see see something. For example, if you

think that social media increases loneliness in

a person internally, then from your perspective

social media is an evil place. Similarly, if you think

that it increases connectivity among people than

it’s a good platform.

It’s not what is happening to us in our life

decides our happiness but a perspective to

perspective to a perspective to happiness but

a perspective to perspective to a perspective

to perspective to look at the things that matter.

A rich person could be happy with his money or

wealth but could also be sad about not living

the richest one in the world. So, the perspective

matters. There are several motivational

speakers and World leaders speaking on the

topic, the importance of healthy perspective

ways of changing your perspective towards,

something different efficient practices to do so

and so on.

The most famous Indian comedy serial

‘Tarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chashmah’ highlights

‘problems toh Hai Sabke Sath, bus Nazariye ki

hai Baat’ meaning ‘everyone has problems but

what matters is the perspective’.

Truly the perspective of a person decides

his or her overall personality and happiness. It’s

amazing and interesting to experiment with our


Once an American novelist Siri Hustvedt

rightly said, “ Each person does not see the

world differently. There’s not a single unifying

objective truth. We are all limited by our

perspective own perspective.” It’s not the people

around who set rules and regulations, but their

perspective that decides so. Like, if girls think

that not allowing them to go out late night be

inequality or injustice to or injustice to them. But

if perspective is changed some may think that

they are being protected from the evil and culprit

world so this is how the perspective matters.