Why can't be she ugly?

- Gauri Kurhekar S.Y. Civil

“She is so beautiful...” the moment I utter

these words, you will start imagining a white

beauty with pink lips, long silky hair or a perfect

feminine stature. Why? Does the word

‘beautiful’ have such definitions? If yes, who

decided it? Are girls always meant to be

‘beautiful’? Isn’t it okay to be ugly?

It’s perfectly okay to be black beauty with

negro hair or being a fluffy panda!! We all are

unique as an individual. When you admire

yourself, start respecting yourself as an

individual, eventually, others will. Beauty has no

definition, neither ‘being feminine’ has!

It’s good to have will for own car and own

house or ‘to be settled’! It’s okay to be on the

driver seat. It’s not wrong if a girl has a fantasy

to build her empire. Why wait for an emperor?

When she is beautiful in her ways!!