Sakshi Pawar S.Y. ExTC

Emotions... A single word depicts hundreds

of thoughts, feelings that we are going through.

Minutely going through the world we could see

various emotions playing around that could be

of a student facing depression, stress or Child

moving along with fear. Many times we have

heard that decisions taken emotionally are from

our heart but that’s not true. Emotions are

feelings that a person is going through due to

circumstances. People are learning from their

mistakes and mistake occur by taking decisions

emotionally that doesn’t mean emotions, our

feelings are wrong. The only reason is at that

moment we are not thinking practically.

Depression, anxiety, fear these all are

negative forms of feelings and nowadays these

are common problems for all students of the

young generation. What’s the reason behind

this? Why children at a tender age are

committing suicide?

Competition, high Expectations, love.... That

doesn’t mean we have to live our life regretting

our mistakes. In India, almost 70% parents don’t

allow their children to choose their career, which

lowers the confidence as learning in new field

without any interest and huge competitions

make them introvert and thus they are moving

out searching their happiness in various things

which could take them to the wrong path and

wrong decisions. Decisions that can affect their

life, career, everything.

For a student entering in UG course means

they are all free to take their decisions and yes,

it’s good to decide without relying on others. But

that should be taken practically, as it is not the

right time to regret decisions. That’s the time of

thinking about career, living life to the fullest.

Emotions are just a temporary state of mind

don’t let them destroy you permanently.

Being practical can make us confident for

taking decisions and then not regretting it.