India steps up in the warfare game


The Indian army is all set to ace the game of

21st century warfare as they are inducting K9

Vajra T ( self propelled howitzer ), M777 ( ultra

light howitzer ) to their weaponry. These

artilleries have proved their metal all over the

world with having state of the art war


Let’s have a broader look at these guns:

K9 Vajra

The K9 VAJRA-T 155mm/ 52 is a tracked

self-propelled howitzer, which has its roots in

the K9 Thunder, the mainstay of the South

Korean Army. The Vajra offers a high rate of fire

at a long range and is compatible with Indian

and standard NATO ammunition.

The K9 Thunder platform is made of allwelded

steel armour protection material. The

design incorporates a Modular Azimuth Position

System (MAPS), an automatic fire-control

system (AFCS), a powered gun elevation /

depression and a turret traverse system. The

hydro-pneumatic suspension system provides

high-ground clearance and mobility across

different terrains.

The primary weapon of the K9 Thunder

platform is the 155mm / 52 calibre gun. While

the weapon platform has the ability to fire a

standard M107 high-explosive (HE)


L&T Defence IC, supported by

South Korean technology

partner Hanwha Tech Win (HTW), had

bid for this ‘Buy Global’ acquisition

programme of the defence ministry in

2011. It beat three others to emerge

as the sole qualified bidder after a

series of user trials and evaluations,

based on the performance of the K9

Vajra self-propelled howitzer.

The first ten K9 Vajra guns have

been imported from Hanwha Techwin

of South Korea in Semi Knocked

Down state and have been assemble

by L&T in India. The balance 90 guns are being

largely manufactured in the country.


The M777 howitzers were ordered under a

government-to-government deal with the US,

and the $700 million mountain gun deal was

signed in November 2016. One of the lightest

guns that has seen active duty in Iraq and

Afghanistan, the M 777 will be deployed on the

high altitude borders with China and Pakistan

and is especially useful with the Chinook

helicopters that can transport them quickly.

The 155mm, 39 Calibre Ultra light Howitzers

have been procured from USA under

Government to Government Foreign Military

Sales and will be assembled in India by BAE

Systems in partnership with Mahindra Defence.